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.:Bellum Chronus App:. Shelby Jaromir by rinime-kafu .:Bellum Chronus App:. Shelby Jaromir by rinime-kafu
Ahhhh . . . well, this is my second shot for #Bellum-Chronus !


Basic Information:

Name: Shelby Jaromir
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'7'' (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Legion: Trainee
Desired Legion: Military Police


Combat (0): Strict protections and rules from her parents excluded her experience of using any form of fighting. She would be greatly punished if she used any violence against her brothers too. (Her brothers also have this inexperience as well)
Mobility (3): Shelby was surprised that she has proficiency with the 3D maneuver gear. Mental focus aids her balance and accuracy while operating the device.
Strategy (1) A little slow and indecisive processing ideas or plans in her mind. She has some insecurities sharing them too, believing that her concept will be mocked tirelessly.
Teamwork (2): She feels comfortable working with others, along with the thought of socialization, trust, and friendship. She dislikes it if someone specifically orders her to manage alone. However, she is obedient and will follow that person's command, proceeding with excessive urgency to get the job done.
Adaptability (4): Even with the most tense or stressful situations, Shelby is versatile, listening carefully to commander's procedures and arrangements. While others panic, she will gulp and think, "Okay...okay. I can do this," and continue to adjust to the tough conditions.


Expressive | Supportive | Superficial | Loud | Dependent | Dishonest | Ironic (kind of?)

Her sneezes are loud as her. Because of the freedom she have felt from departing from her family, Shelby is majorly expressive of what she's fond of and not. However, this makes it easy for people targeting her weaknesses.

Socializing with others gives her relief and she likes to hear from people's opinions and advice. As a friend, Shelby is generous and devoted with her relationships with others, but she wants to have a real supportive friend who is there for her all the time.

One of her problems is her superficiality. Many times, she judges people from how they treat other people, not bothering to know them personally. This creates problems if she gets involved with, confronts or approaches rude jerks, unleashing her immediate offensiveness and defensive comments.

Despite the fact that she was raised with negative outlooks about herself, Shelby doesn't condescend others. Because of her idea to get closer to introverted individuals, she gives chances and tries to persuade them, to show their passions and let go of their fears. But her bold interactions and attempts are unsuccessful, filling her with awkwardness and nervousness.

When asked about her opinions and others, she lies and says she agrees with them. Although she is expressive, she is not of her true feelings of people's statements. She would rather "go with the flow" then argue to prove her point---wasting her time...


Born in Wall Sina as the second to last child and the only daughter, Shelby was a disappointment to the haughty Jaromir family. Shelby was often sick in bed, however, she didn't let her poor health stop her from being a frisky girl. High expectations were set, and Shelby failed to reach them---she was seen as a fool to family members and outsiders that her parents introduced about her.

Long ago, her father, a priest, took Shelby to visit her older brother, who was in the Military Police. As she stepped foot into the pub, she was disgusted by the loud laughing, chattering, and the intoxicated faces of the Military Police soldiers. She was told that the Military Police was the best---it was not true. One day, the Military Police had to cooperate with other legions to help fend off a titan attack...and her brother got devoured helplessly. She didn't grieve. Her answer was, "He was careless and dumb." This statement furthered ridicule Shelby more. Her parents found it coldly ironic that she too, she was also 'careless' and 'dumb.'

Unhappy of being hardly noticed, she felt it was right to join the military. Shelby wants to experience self-discovery. For many years, she was looked down negatively of no special skills, but now, she wants to reveal if she had any useful abilities. Also, she wants to prove to her patronizing parents that she can serve more than her pride with the family---with humanity. A goal she wishes to accomplish is to improve ethics in the Military Police, since she was so shocked of the actual behavior of the soldiers there...but it will be tough. Her health has improved as she grew older---but she will still be known as 'weak'---both physical and communication (persuasion).


- Likely to unexpectedly sneeze during a serious or nervous moment
- Her sneezes varies on the volume and sound---BUT THEY ARE NOT A CUTE KAWAII-DESU-KITTEN SNEEZE
- Always has a handkerchief in her jacket pocket and calls it "Hanky"
- She supports underdogs
- She cut her hair because she thinks its easier to style that way
- Likes to observe insects and is not disgusted by them
- The color light blue appeals to her
- She is Polish

RP Sample:

Suddenly, an itchy sensation was tingling in her nose. "Oh...not again--- Shelby gasped a mouthful of air and---


As she sneezed, her fair hair rapidly shook back to the sides of her head and her long, uncombed bangs sprawled all over her face. Shelby covered her mouth and sniffled, "Hanky, please." Her mother sighed and silently handed the white handkerchief that was on the nightstand besides her bed. "Thank you." "Seriously, you can ever learn to do things properly around the house when your constantly sick..." Her mother stood up from her bed, her heels clacked to the nearest glass windowsill. The tired girl slumped back under the covers, about to fall asleep until...

"We could of sold you to the market when you were first born...I didn't know a girl could be so...worthless..."

Shelby's eyes were full alert, her heart thumping. Was she thinking too much? She clearly heard those words--precisely. Her mother couldn't of possibly..s-s-said that..right? Tears slowly began to slide down her cheeks. She waited as soon as her mother exited the room, she quietly sobbed into her pillow. Her clogged nose and crying made her mood feel worser.

"Am...I-I-I...r-r-Eaall...eALLY--that big of a-a-a-...d-d-disgrace to... this family...?" Shelby thought sadly as she grossly blew into the handkerchief. "If...if...only I could...think of something---"

The light bulb flashed. The military...
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MadEaterOfWorlds Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Her thumbs.. are missing :c
rinime-kafu Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, yeah, I know! XD Currently, I'm practicing anatomy and when I looked at my old drawings, I also identified the weird hand gestures and etc. But I'm glad you noticed my error lol 
MadEaterOfWorlds Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
I was afraid you might have been offended by me pointing that out. .3.
Since some people are really.. uhm.. easily pissed off by something like that.
I hope you will improve even more in your anatomy, I just had a quick look at your gallery, and I have to say, you are not bad at all :) Keep up the good work. :3
rinime-kafu Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, nope! = v = )/ I wasn't offended or mad at all. I take criticism well, so don't worry~
Ahh--thank you so much too for the encouragement! ^__^
Zeranran Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
Hey! Best of luck! Skimmed her information, and I like how from a sickly gal she turned into a sassy one * v *. 
rinime-kafu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya, and thanks! Haha, yeaaah---I'm still in progress of her info though! XD
Zeranran Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
' v ')b!
rinime-kafu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
T v T)/
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